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Car rental in Lviv

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Renting a car in Lvov is a great way to have a comfortable ride around the city and beyond. The offer can be relevant not only for visitors, but also for locals who for various reasons do not have their own car. For those who are not used to moving around by public transport, to remain without a car, even for a few days is comparable with the disaster. In order not to fall out of your normal work schedule and pace of life in case of a car breakdown or a business trip to another city, rent a car in Lvov.

What does the price of renting depend on?

The cost of car rental in Lvov depends on a number of factors: car class, duration of rental, additional services. So, in order not to spend too much, it is worth determining in advance how many days you will need the car and booking it on the website of DriveUp. Wisely planned route will allow you to adjust the time of rental and not to overpay for the downtime of the car. But here you should keep in mind a simple rule: the longer the period of rental is, the more favorable its price is. In some cases, it is easier to make an agreement for several days at once, than to sacrifice sleep or business which all the same will have to finish, but another time. Due to the fact that prices for car rent in Lvov in DriveUp are one of the lowest in the Ukrainian market, our clients have the opportunity to use the rental car on the most beneficial terms.

Car rental in Lvov without deposit

In contrast to most competitors we are constantly working to improve the quality and availability of services. Not everyone is ready to leave a few hundred or thousand dollars as a deposit. So you can rent a car in Lvov without a deposit. The Super Top cover offer is available when you sign a contract for a period of 3 days or more. The customer pays for the full insurance and leaves a security deposit in the amount from 100USD depending on the class and model of the car. The advantage of the service is the fact that you are not responsible for any damage to the vehicle. The disadvantage is the higher rental fee.

How to rent a car in Lvov

The algorithm for renting a car in Lvov involves only a few steps:
  • Leave a reservation indicating the city and dates on our website or contact the manager for advice on available cars
  • Send us a photo of your driver's license. Wait until the age and driving experience checks are complete. Receive confirmation of your reservation.
  • Agree on the place and time of car pick-up. We can deliver your car to the address you specify if necessary, even outside business hours.
The car is delivered to the customer in accordance with a report in which the fuel level in the tank, mileage, possible comments on the technical condition, damage to the body etc.

What kind of car can you rent in Lvov

The DriveUp autopark has more than 100 cars, which can be rented in all major cities of Ukraine - Kyiv, Kharkov, Odessa and Lvov. The age of the vehicles does not exceed five years. All vehicles undergo scheduled maintenance on a regular basis. To rent a car in Lvov the cars of economy, standard and business class with automatic transmission are available. The range of cars we offer is regularly updated. We carefully monitor market trends and changes in market demand. This allows us to offer our customers only demanded and relevant options that meet the needs and expectations of customers.

Additional services

The managers of DriveUp are fluent in several languages including Ukrainian, Russian and English. It means that if you address our car rental service in Lvov you will not have any worries about possible problems connected with the language barrier. For the guests and the inhabitants of city we offer the following services:
  • Child seat - for couples traveling with small children
  • Second driver;
  • Limited Mileage Service
  • Super Top Cover for rent without deposit
  • Pick up or return of the car at the address convenient for the customer
  • Pick up or return of the car at the time convenient for the customer (24/7)
  • One Way Service - you can return the in another city
Check the requirements for additional services in advance. That way we have time to evaluate the situation and figure out the best solution for your problem. For example, we can drop the car off at the train or bus station and pick it up right there on your way out of town.

Benefits of renting a car in Lvov from DriveUp

Car rental in Lvov means complete freedom of movement at favorable cost. Despite the fact that DriveUp operates in the Ukrainian market relatively recently, we managed to earn a reputation of reliable and responsible partner. Our main advantage is individual approach to each client. We are ready to offer each customer such conditions of cooperation, which will be profitable and interesting to him. Any desire of the customer will be taken into account when selecting the vehicle and concluding the agreement. The competitive advantages of DriveUp are also worth mentioning:
  • Big choice of low-cost and mid-range cars, SUVs and business sedans
  • We can arrange not only daily rent, but also long term rent for a few weeks and even months
  • All of the vehicles offered for rent are in excellent technical condition
The best guarantee of the high quality and safety of the services realized by DriveUp is the numerous positive feedback from our customers. Do you have any questions? We are ready to answer them at the number listed on our website.