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What is a Security Deposit?

A Security Deposit, or collateral, is your upper limit of financial liability if the car you have rented is damaged. If the damage incurred exceeds the deductible amount, the remaining shall be paid by the insurer.
Your liability is within this amount for minor external damage, such as damage caused to tyres or windows.

Can I rent a car without any Security Deposit (or Collateral)?

With our Comprehensive Cover / All-Inclusive Cover service, you are released from any liability for the car. We charge additional fee for this service, and you can use it only when you rent a car for at least three days.

Can I use the rental car to go abroad?

We provide cars for traveling only within the territories of Ukraine (except Donetsk and Lugansk Province and Autonomous Republic of Crimea).

Payment currency

Although the prices at our website are in US Dollars (USD), your rental price shall be paid in national currency – Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) at the exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine as of the effective date of the rental agreement.

If you have an accident

If you have an accident, you shall contact our manager or call on our Hot Line, call the police and ambulance, if necessary. Our managers will arrive at the scene shortly and help you to fill in the forms. While you are waiting for our managers, place get a copy of all the police forms and take a photo of the scene, identification documents of other parties involved in a traffic collision and damage caused to the cars.

Important note! You can found contact details of the emergency services and our Customer Support Service behind the glare shield.

How are our cars insured?

All our cars have Third Party Liability Insurance and Comprehensive and Collision Insurance (the deductible amount depends on the class of the car you have chosen).

Insurance Coverage

The insurance does not cover the following:
-Damage or theft of windscreen wipers, car stereo, aerial, tyres, wheel rims, number plates, keys and mirrors. Damage of mirrors, car roof and upholstery in the passenger compartment.
-Loss of documents
-Car damage caused whilst any driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or other narcotic substances
-Car damage caused by off-road driving
-Car damage caused by sea craft or river craft transportation of the car
-Theft or damage of the driver’s personal belonging left in the car
-Damage resulting from providing a third party with the car (not listed in the rental agreement)

Maximum mileage. What if I exceed the mileage limit?

For most of our rentals daily mileage allowance is 300 km. Your total mileage for the whole rental period will be calculated. If you go over the mileage allowance, you will have to pay the excess mileage charge.

Return of the car

You shall return the car clean and with a full tank of fuel. Please note! Rental fee does not cover fuel and car wash cost.

What shall I do in the event of mechanical failure?

If the car is out of order, any warning light is on, or when a service reminder message is displayed, gently stop the car and park it so that you do not interfere with other road users, immediately contact our manager or our Customer Support Service. Our Customer Support Service is at your assistance 24/7.
Important note! You can found contact details of the emergency services and our Customer Support Service behind the glare shield.