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Car rental in Ukraine

When coming to Ukraine on business or personal matters, as well as on vacation as tourists, the problem of getting around the city becomes one of the most pressing. Cabs can cost a pretty penny, and you don't want to end up stuck in public transportation. What are the alternatives? A car rental service. With a daily rental car you have the freedom of movement, the ability not to depend on the schedule and delivery of public transport, and no annoying cab drivers. Car rental service in Ukraine is becoming more and more popular every day, because public transport simply can't meet all the needs.
  • It is slow, and you can spend twice as much time on the necessary route, due to the fact that public transport makes many stops along the way;
  • It follows set routes, and it's not always able to get you to the point you want to go;
  • Banal discomfort at rush hour, when transportation is so crowded with passengers that the trip becomes a battle for survival.
Many people think that renting a car in Ukraine is difficult, expensive and requires a huge amount of paperwork. But it is easier and cheaper to rent a car than it seems. The conditions of car rental in Ukraine are not much different from car rental in other countries. Ukrainian citizens and foreigners can rent a car in Ukraine. At the moment of rent the age of a renter/driver shall not be less than 22 years, and driving experience shall be two or more years. The rented cars of business and premium class and jeeps can be rented by the person who is 25 years old and has driving experience not less than 5 years. List of necessary documents to sign a rental agreement and obtain a car:
  • Passport;
  • Driver's License;
  • TIN number - for citizens of Ukraine.
The price of car rental in Ukraine depends on the following:
  • Rental period. To rent a car for a day or two days is the most unprofitable, because the cost in this case is the highest, so it is better to take the car at least for several months;
  • The geography and frequency of trips. In the rental agreement, the client specifies how far the client plans to go and the approximate mileage limit. If it is exceeded, the rental company has the right to charge more;
  • The age of the driver and his experience. For drivers under 25 years old and with less than 5 years of driving experience the price could be higher;
  • The type of car insurance: a policy that covers all possible accidents would cost more to the renter;
  • The presence of a child seat in the car;
  • Second driver;
  • Car pickup/return to the selected address;
  • Car pickup/return outside business hours (24/7);
  • One Way Service (you can return the car in another city);
  • Super Top Cover (full insurance);
  • Out-of-limit mileage service;
  • Technical Assistance Service;
  • Chauffeur-driven car rental service;
  • Leasing.

How to rent a car in Ukraine

To book a car you need to choose a model on the site and leave a reservation specifying the city and dates you wish to book the car, or contact the manager for advice on available cars for the selected dates. Then you need to go through the documents check to confirm the age and driving experience for the chosen car class and get the booking confirmation. Stages of renting a car:
  • Sign the rental agreement and acceptance/transfer report with the description of the car's fuel level, mileage, condition;
  • Pay the rental fee and deposit in cash or by credit card;
  • Get your car, keys and the technical passport (the car is given in a clean condition with a full tank, and under the terms of the agreement it shall be returned the same). At the return of the car the manager inspects the car for damage, and if there is no damage, the deposit is returned.
The car rental in Ukraine is carried out by a large number of companies, but the choice should be made responsibly.

Benefits of renting a car in Ukraine from DriveUp

DriveUp is relatively young in the market, we aim at building and expanding client base, we are ready to search for an individual approach to each client, which enables us to be more flexible and compliant with the needs of the client as compared to larger companies with well-established and unshakable rules. Through a high level of professionalism, we strive to improve the quality of service for our customers. DriveUp has over 100 cars in big cities of Ukraine (Kiev, Kharkov) and we have representative offices in Odessa and Lvov. All cars are always in proper technical condition and regularly pass the necessary maintenance. Car age is not older than 5 years for the safety and comfort of our customers. All cars have automatic transmission. Our managers speak Russian/Ukrainian/English, so we always welcome customers from different countries and are always ready to provide our services. Our managers are very loyal and available 24/7 to help customers in any situation with their needs.