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Car rental in Kiev

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You can rent a car both with and without a driver. Find out how to rent a car so you can drive it yourself.

Hire a car in Kiev without a driver

Renting a car with a trustworthy company is reliable, safe and inexpensive. It is possible to receive the service without a deposit. In Kiev and other big cities it is hard to move without a personal car. Many people buy a car and prefer to use a taxi. However, it is not as convenient as it may seem at first sight. Using the advantages of personal transport is more practical and convenient. DriveUp offers car rental services in Kiev. Everyone can make use of this offer. It is practical to rent a car for several days, weeks or months. Such service is particularly suitable for people who have driving license, but no personal vehicle. The demand for rental increases during the vacation season. If you travel on your own, you can go wherever you want. Comfort also increases. Renting a car is also convenient for people who often go on business trips. A car can also be useful if you need to deliver a parcel to the addressee urgently. Renting is convenient and profitable, if we consider the issue of financial savings. The renter does not waste his time and money on repairs and maintenance of the car. Such an approach suits many people. Therefore, car rental service in Kiev is in high demand. As to the expensive cars, they are rented in order to emphasize their status. It is very easy to boost the prestige with the help of a luxurious car. Some customers simply want to test a particular brand to understand its pros and cons. Car for rent in Kiev without a driver attracts those who like limitless freedom of movement. If you opt out of the driver's assistance, you can use the car at any time. With a non-normalized day this option is very convenient. After all you can dispose of your time and vehicle whenever you want. A car for rent in Kiev with a driver is more expensive than without one. There is no need to spend more if you are able to drive the car yourself.

What does the price of rental car depend on?

The cost of car rental in Kiev depends on the following factors:
  • the number of rental days (the longer your rental, the lower the daily cost);
  • car class;
  • additional options.
If you want to rent a car in Kiev, the service will cost you less. Our company offers a system of discounts for regular customers. We always have transparent and flexible rates.

Car rental in Kiev without a security deposit

Collateral-free practice is standard for many organizations dealing with the rental of their vehicles. This enables them to receive an insurance premium, which can cover losses in many cases. The deposit is also a guarantee that the customer will handle the car carefully. Documents or a set amount of money can serve as a security. Our company offers rent a car in Kiev without a deposit (with full insurance service Super Top cover). This service is possible if the rental period exceeds three days. Herewith the client shall pay the additional service of full insurance. The cost is calculated by manager individually. The customer also leaves a minimum guarantee amount. It varies from 100 to 200 USD and depends on the car class. Important considerations:
  • If the customer rents a car in Kiev, he shall return it back fully filled and clean.
  • If the customer has violated traffic rules and received fines during the rental period, he is responsible for it.

How to rent a car in Kiev

To reserve a vehicle, select the car you need at our website. Then make a reservation by indicating the date and city. Alternatively you can use the assistance of the company's manager. To rent a car you will need to pass a document check for age and driving experience. The list of specific documents to get a car is not specified by law. By default, the following types of documents are accepted from a citizen:
  • passport to identify the citizen;
  • driver's license of the person planning to drive the car;
After that, all you have to do is wait for confirmation of your reservation. What paperwork is involved:
  • Hire Agreement
  • The machine's acceptance/transfer report, recording its condition, mileage and fuel level

Car rental details

Under the rental agreement, the vehicle is provided to the customer clean and fully fueled. It has to be returned to the rental company in the same condition. The customer shall pay the cost of car rental in Kiev and leave a deposit. The company accepts credit cards and cash. Upon execution of the documents the customer is given the keys, the car and the technical passport. When the vehicle is returned, the manager inspects it. If no damage is found, the deposit is returned to the customer.

What kind of car can you rent in Kiev

In such a huge city as Kiev, renting cars is in high demand. Rent a car in Kiev is a service with a variety of classes and prices. The car park includes cars of economy, business and premium class. It is possible to rent a minivan as well as a SUV. DriveUp offers cars of any class. If you want a particular make and characteristics, the manager will find the right option.

Additional services

  • pick up the car at any time of the day;
  • child car seat;
  • GPS navigator;
  • VCR;
  • WI-FI router for the car;
  • booking an extra driver.

Benefits of car rental in Kiev by DriveUp

We have a large car park of passenger cars. They are available in all major cities of the country. Each car is not older than 5 years. All vehicles are properly maintained within the prescribed period. Our specialists regularly inspect the vehicles. The company's fleet only includes cars with automatic transmission. Each customer receives a well-kept and maintained vehicle. Rental of a car in Kiev will be less expensive if you deal with us. Our company's support service operates twenty-four hours a day. Representative offices operate in Odessa and Lvov. DriveUp will individually solve the problem of each customer.