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Car rental with a driver in Ukraine

If you feel interested in renting a car with a chauffeur, please contact DriveUp. You will receive quality service at a reasonable price. First of all, let’s find out why this kind of rental service is so appealing.

Features and Advantages of Chauffeur-driven Car Rental

One of the useful services is car rental. You can choose a passenger vehicle for every situation. Car rental with a chauffeur in Ukraine is a very convenient service in many cases. The client knows in advance which car will be provided to him for temporary use and when. He can effectively spend his time while being in motion. Since his hands are free. He is not driving on his own. The client spends those minutes on his/her own business: talking on the phone, preparing for a meeting, reading documents, relaxing. For busy people, this is very important. If a person is on a business trip, he has little free time. They can free themselves up by letting the other person drive the car.

It is also important that the native person behind the wheel has a good knowledge of the roads and the peculiarities of the locality. A professional driver is perfectly navigating the area, avoids traffic jams, and guarantees safe driving. It saves time and nerves for the customer.

The customer is not responsible for the rented car. But if you rent a vehicle without a driver, you are responsible for its safety. By renting a car with the company’s employees, you free yourself from unnecessary hassle. Hiring a car with a driver is especially convenient for people who don’t have a driver’s license.

Other situations for hiring a car with a driver:

  • business trips for senior managers, officials, delegations;
  • cars for wedding processions;
  • trips and excursions;
  • transfers from the airport;
  • drive guests to events.

Difference between the rental service and ordering a cab:

  1. If you rent a car with a driver, the payment will not be per kilometer, but as agreed. In the concluded agreement, the obligations are specified and the necessary time is determined (hourly, daily, or other payment).
  2. The car is delivered clean and fully ready for use by the customer.
  3. The driver is dedicated to the renter for the specified time and is not distracted by other orders.

The main advantages of a car rented with personnel are the opportunity to free yourself from the need to navigate the city and the proper time planning. If the car is rented for a long period, then the customer does not need to call it up regularly. The driver is at the specified locations and waits for the customer.

What are the terms

Contractual terms are determined in advance. They depend on the particular nature and purpose of the vehicle’s operation. The agreement lists the basic points: price, time, responsibilities of the parties. All the details are stipulated at this stage. For example, if you assume that the trip may be delayed and you need to extend the rental, then this should be specified. The rental period is strictly stipulated.

Whom does the rental car with driver suit

Practice shows that the service is most commonly used by the following groups of customers:

  • People without a driver’s license
  • customers who want to free up personal time.

Benefits of working with our company

Our company, DriveUp, provides services of renting a car with a chauffeur in Ukraine. We offer our customers a possibility to choose vehicles of any class: luxury, business, economy. The car can be ordered at any time. It will be delivered to the specified address just in time. We provide different rates, including those without limited mileage. The rental agreement is executed within 15 minutes. You can hire a car without a deposit which allows you to save money.